Living simply in the wild

A Sledding We Will Go

A dusting of snow finally hit the Valley floor.


A bright red sled has been perched outside our front door waiting. Patiently waiting for its moment to spring into action.

Layers of long johns, wool socks, snow pants, hats and gloves were quickly applied… As quickly as one can slip into each of those layers.


Snow boots were misplaced. Gloves were missing their matches. By the time we were all deemed sledding equipped we had worked up a small sweat.

We trudged out into the park. It was actually more like a nice stroll. There is no trudging when grass is still peaking out above the soft flakes.


Searching for a hill…any hill really.

A dusting isn’t quite enough to sled in. But we weren’t turning back now. Not after all the work we had gone through to get out the door.


The hills were small. The boys were in heaven. Not even one complaint about climbing back up the hill was heard. Round of applause for the 3 foot hills!


Sliding down over and over and over.



Ranger spent most the time pushing them down the concrete slides. Over and over and over. Never once did it become old to them.


To the Juniors that is. Ranger, well….he eventually had enough and just sent them on their way.


The Juniors spotted a hill, threw their sled in the snow, and shot right down.


A few panicked screams later, they glided to a stop just before the waters edge. Choosing a hill that leads over a piece of driftwood and directly into the lake wasn’t their best decision.


“No worries mom! We’re good!”

In fact, it was the most fun decision.


Again and again they slid, until the snow was worn down to the sand that had once covered the beach.


Of course we couldn’t let the Juniors have all the fun.



The only way to top that was to shoot down the docks which are laced with a sheet of ice.

Next time we’ll take our sledding to higher ground. Up somewhere with more snow, more hills, less lakes to fall into.


The giggles, screams, and joy that shone on the Juniors faces were enough to make any day great.sled10 sled14


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