Living simply in the wild

Magic Wishes

wishlanternpost1 Remember the magic we experienced as a child? That first star we saw twinkle up in the nights sky, we would quickly pinch our eyes shut and repeat

“I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight”

Then with all our might we would send our one wish up into the deep sky. Just knowing it would come true, because we had wished it so.

Sometime between riding a two-wheeler and transitioning to adulthood that magic fades. It’s nothing we do consciously. We would all hold onto that magic if we could. Heartache, troubles, arguments, work, and play all get in the way. Our focus shifts onto actual life and away from the magic within it.


In adulthood we still feel that same magic, but only on occasions. The first snowfall of the season. In a babies laugh. In the kiss of a lover. Through the eyes of a child. In the presence of true beauty.

Those moments quickly fade away and dissolve back into life. 

We often feel guilty that we allowed ourselves to be swept up in a moment that distracted us so. The truth is that we need those moments. We need to feel the magic again, we need to feel the hope and joy this world has to offer. Without it we live in an empty world that I personally don’t want to be apart of.


We need to create more magic moments within our lives.

  • Relish in the snowfalls
  • Swoon over more babies
  • Passionately kiss those we love
  • Kneel down to each child and see what they see.
  • View nature with wonder
  • Make more wishes

I know people still want the magic in life and want to feel that wonderful feeling they felt as a child again. I know this because we gathered with 100+ people of all ages seeking out that magic.


We each held onto our (biodegradable, don’t you worry) Lanterns. Each lantern was filled with a wish. A wish for happiness, for love, for healing, for peace, for acceptance. Wish after wish we sent them up together.


Everyone there together, gazing up at the darkest sky that was slowly being illuminated by us. By our wishes. By the magic life still holds within all of us.


We have to create the life we want. And that night we witnessed children, adults, seniors, high schoolers all gathering together to feel the enchantment that life still holds if we allow it.


Allow yourself to go back to the time when life held a charm. When pixie dust existed, when love was everything we knew it was, when there was peace. Take yourself there now, and breathe it in. And stay there a while.



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