Living simply in the wild

The Real Reel. A little less highlights, a little more real


Everyday we are subjected to other peoples highlight reel. Be it Facebook, twitter, instagram, advertisements, or even just the regular gossip. In can really start to screw with our minds.

Pictures of amazing vacations. Constant smiling faces, delicious food, career achievements, bragging…and here we are sitting on the couch, alone, stuffing our mouth full of cardboard pizza that we aren’t even sure we remember when we ordered it.

We sit and wonder why we can’t have what those people have?! Why are we sitting on the couch and  not doing what they are doing?!

People don’t update their status with “sitting on the couch, alone” or “just watching TV because I can’t come up with anything better to do”. Ok, some people do, but the majority will mainly post highlights. Point a finger at me because i’m just as guilty of this.

Don’t get me wrong, i love social media. It’s a great way we keep in touch with loved ones, and it’s really allowed us to connect to people worldwide that we wouldn’t have been able to without it. If you do it right, it really can be a very positive place to be.

We try to be very real and honest on our website, and it’s a tricky balancing act between being real and coming off negative and airing our dirty laundry.  Truth is we are writing about our life…and if anyone knows life they know its not all easy. Life is messy,  it’s hard, there are struggles, and sometimes we all just want to throw in the towel. It’s usually at those towel throwing moments when you read that your friend just received a raise at work while saving someones life, just after they got engaged on the top of the Eiffel Tower at sunset while Brad Pitt filmed it all. At that point you decide to burn the damn towel, throwing it just won’t be fulfilling any longer.

I’ll be the first to admit that our life isn’t all awesome. It is an amazing life…it is beautiful…but it is hard as hell. Another writer I follow says life is both Beautiful & Brutal: life is Brutiful. I could not agree more. It is never one without the other.

We started this website to connect with others, so with that in mind we have added a new Tab on our menu bar near the top of the page. Real ReelHere you will find all things Brutiful. You may find struggles, you may find breakthroughs, breakdowns, heartbreaks, honesty and most of all perseverance, camaraderie, a connection, love, and the raw truth.  We aren’t here to give a highlight reel of life. We are here to help each other when times are tough. To show you that your not alone. Most of all, i don’t want anyone to look down on their life because they aren’t where someone else is. Truth is, we are exactly where we all need to be. The tough part is learning, accepting and loving where we each are, no matter where that is.

So i’m inviting you in, into our life a bit more. It is here when we are connected, when we are vulnerable that we really break down the walls and get to feel all life has to offer. Minds and hearts connected.

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