Living simply in the wild

What I learned from not liking babies

“Mommy, did you not like babies when you were little?”

Not quite sure where this is going….but i indulge…

“Well, when i was about 3-years-old I held my baby cousin for the very first time. The second he was in my arms he screamed and cried, then the second he was out of my arms he was fine and all baby-happy again. I remember not liking babies at that point in my life.”

I wanted to tell him that he was lucky I learned to like babies a little bit more by the time he came along. But no matter how much I like babies…crying babies, not so much. I left that part out.


Junior looking very deep in thought, “I didn’t used to like babies…but i think i like them now.”

I love the way little minds work sometimes. The questions they have…the things they wonder about. We all can take a few lessons from the little ones.



Sometimes we hop aboard a forward moving motion, and we just go with it. Because it’s moving, because we feel like it is where we are supposed to be. We jump on a thought and we keep thinking it…because we’re supposed to be thinking.




Keeping an open mind, knowing that someday you may think differently about those things. If we hold to this belief we may find ourselves accepting more, judging less, loving more.





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