Living simply in the wild

Middle America

I sit here writing somewhere in middle America. The boys are dripping with bubbles as they play in the tub, bellies full and happy. We’ve seen Grandmas and Grandpas, Papas and Nanas, Grammies and Papas, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles, and today we will see more.

We are back.

Photo credit: Thomas Beck

Photo credit: Thomas Beck

For a little while at least.

The midwest is flat. Spacious. Windy. And the horizon stretches its arms forever it seems. Being tucked into our bowl in Chelan between the hills we don’t see the horizon really, not like here. Here the sunsets spread as far as your eyes can see, so depending on your eyesight you really could be in for a treat.

Photo Credit: Bill and Vicki T

Photo Credit: Bill and Vicki T

We’re spending the next few weeks touring Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa stopping at the most important places they have to offer. Our families homes. We’re filling our days with getting caught up on conversations, keeping up on school work, intense games of cards, visiting a few favorite restaurants we’ve been missing, running errands as if we’ve never left, brewing hot pots of tea and coffee, playing and resting.

All in all…we can’t say that we have missed this city that we left. The people, we miss them dearly. The city, we can do without. With everything at your finger tips, any store, any activity, any item you need, it is here within a short reach. Everything except Ikea that is. You don’t need to drive more then a few minutes to reach the grocery store, there are gas stations on every corner, an obscene amount of places to eat, phone shops, tobacco stores, mall after mall, box store after box store. It’s almost over whelming. The convieneice of everything at your finger tips comes at a price. It’s paid in crowds, countless stoplights, gun shots around the corner, absence of trees and nature, and overall busyness.

We’ve been living the slow life. It hit us when we were almost hit cruising down the road. We were calmly going along at 45mph…in a 45mph zone mind you. I checked the rear view mirror and realized I couldn’t see the bumper of the blue SUVs that was behind us, and behind them was a line of cars that all seemed to be in a hurry to get no where. We forgot that, here, if you’re driving the speed limit you are clearly driving to slow. Sorry folks, we’re still in small town driving gear, please go around.

Ranger gets to put back on his Stetson hat in just a few short weeks. It has seemed as if our hibernation days have came to end rather quickly. So we are soaking up the time with family before we start waking up out of our sleepy slumber we’ve called winter.

I’ll try to spend time writing, but posts may be a little light for the next few weeks. My hands are busy with a few other things right now. Cups of hot tea, a hat I’ve started knitting for Ranger that i’m determined to finish it before we leave, hopefully a few snowballs, and good food and good conversations with those we’ve been missing this past year.

Until next time….love to you.



One response

  1. Amber 2

    It was so great to see you & relish in your dream!!!!

    February 11, 2014 at 3:36 pm

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