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Wildlife of The USA and Canada: TreePot Travels

We’ve inter-met (that is internet met) a fun loving couple over at They are on an awesome journey road tripping the USA and Canada in their 1998 Dodge Ram that they hunker down in between house sits.

Where We’ve Been: So far, as a couple, we have spent two weeks backpacking and searching for wildlife in Costa Rica, lived out of our truck for 6 weeks while driving up the eastern US and Canada from Key West, FL to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, completed a two week house sit in Nova Scotia and  drove 10 days through Canada to Alberta.

TreePot Travels currently are house sitting in Canada right now taking some amazing photos!

Take a minute and check out their latest post HERE, two photos we have taken are being featured today! Can you guess which ones without peeking?


You can also go like them on Facebook and follow along their journey and see their spectacular photos!


3 responses

  1. It was a pleasure having you as part of this post! Thanks so much. BTW- love the deer picture!!!!

    February 7, 2014 at 6:52 pm

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