Living simply in the wild

It’s gettin’ hot in here: Hot Toddy Time

Rangers been feeling under the weather, frankly we all have. Luckily I can keep on top of mine enough to keep a clear head to nurse the boys back to health. I’ll share more on what i do later…


Thankfully Rangers family keeps a full stocked bar so I could easily whip up one of my famous Hot Toddy’s!

Photo credit: andso

Photo credit: andso


A mug of hot hot water

1/2 a lemon

Two Tblspoon honey

shot of dark whiskey/bourbon

optional:  fresh grated ginger, cinnamon & a shot of homemade elderberry syrup


Mix all ingredients in very hot water, drink up, go hop in bed and cover up with a few of Grandmas favorite quilts. Be prepared to sweat it out and wake up feeling a bit better in the morning.



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