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Who says you can’t camp in winter

We’ve finally reached Winter here in Chelan. It’s been snowing here. A lot.

For days straight the clouds sprinkle their dust around the Park.

It’s strange being somewhere that constantly snows but hasn’t snowed so much that it prevents us from running errands. There’s enough piled on the ground to play and sled and build snowmen but not enough to keep us holed up in our home.


The Juniors slither into their snow suits, they sink into their boots that have been toasting by the heater. I’m a thoughtful mom like that. They strap on their gloves and venture out, because we told them they have to. Because we need more firewood, and we’re the parents so we can get away with a little child labor.  I’m not a thoughtful mom like that.


It takes them far longer then it ever should to collect a few piles of tree trunk, and it’s not nearly enough to keep the logs burning through the day. But I don’t say anything because their out there, having fun, chucking snowballs at each others face, falling down in the snow giggling, sliding down mounds of scooped snow from the plow, catching snowflakes on their tongues and blinking the flakes from their eyelashes.


All this winter is making the boys miss camping. Ranger even suggested we head out and go camping in winter. I quickly squashed that idea because i’m a kill-joy and don’t enjoy picking icicles off my tent. We just are’t equipped for winter-camping yet, I haven’t invested in electric warming socks yet… So sorry dear.

So to make up for my joy-killing I rigged up some tents for the boys. Over-their-bed tents no less. Here’s where my genius mommyness plays out…They now LOVE going to bed! Told you I was a genius.

They spent a whole afternoon in their Beds. Talk about a mommy win! I of course took full advantage of that and did nothing productive at all. In fact I watched a chick flick, and I don’t even feel guilty about it! Even with a sink full of dishes and a basket full of clean clothes. Call me lazy, I dare you…I totally was and i’m not denying it.

So with a couple feet of paracord, a few thumbtacks, and a sheet I was able to bring joy back to our house. They sleep under them each night and they’ll play inside of them each day. They even make a fake campfire in the middle on the floor with cardboard blocks.

Who says you can’t camp in winter!




If you end up rigging some bed tents and find yourself with a few moments of peace the Rangers wife also occasionally will have articles published on other sites…take a look, if your bored and being lazy. Of course wait till after you have the tents rigged up so you have time:

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And if you’re having website problems…Balint Toth is your tech-guy. Actually he’s my tech-guy, but i’ll share, because my mom taught me how, and because he’s saved me from some major tech-mistakes that crashed my whole entire sight.

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