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Camano Island, Puget Sound, Port Townsend- The West Side

There is something about the west side of Washington. If you’ve ever talked with us i’m sure you’ve heard it in our voices. You’ve heard us say “There’s something about the other side….we love it there…it feels like home”. 

Being 4 hours from the other side we don’t go over often but when we do we find ourselves falling in love each and every time.


View from our Cama Beach cabin

Once a year there is an in-service that all the state Rangers have to attend. They go through and test their physical endurance, their defensive tactics, firearm training and a few other fun tests and countless hours of classroom learning. Each year it’s in Port Townsend and I try to find any excuse to go over there with him. I don’t think i had a good excuse this year, but we went anyways.


Beach combing at Cama Beach State Park

We left a few days early and headed to Camano Island where we had booked a small cabin at Cama Beach State Park. Checking out the other parks in the state is something we all really enjoy. I personally try to seek out the other Ranger houses just to see and snoop.


Across from Camano Island State Park


We reached new territory as we’ve never been to Camano Island.

Arriving to the island we found it sleepy and serene. We were given the keys to our cabin and had to catch a shuttle down to the beach because they don’t allow vehicles down by the water. Here, two rows of cabins sit only feet from the shore line. With a deep breath in we all sighed back into the air with a feeling of gratitude.


Cabins at Cama Beach State Park

It was a beautiful sunny day and we could see the nearby mountains. We walked the beach, checking out the birds, the shells, barnacles, and any other creature we noticed. Breathing in the smell of the sea. We were home again.


Building boats in the old boat house at Cama Beach State Park

True Washington weather crept in over night and it was rainy and windy the next day so we tucked ourselves inside. Building boats in the boathouse, reading, and going for the occasional walk when the weather allowed. By evening we didn’t care what the weather was because Freedom Park has to be one of the coolest playgrounds ever. So with the cold wind and rain we ran around that playground until our hands and faces were numb.


Freedom Park on Camano Island

We had to leave before dawn as we had quite the treck in order to catch the ferry to get Ranger to his training in time. It was early but the view of the Puget sound is breathtaking at dawn, and riding a ferry is always fun no matter what time it is in the morning.

Port Townsend is a place we could see ourselves. It is such a quaint little port town. The atmosphere is something you won’t get anywhere else. It’s oddly familiar and it just is a place that feels good. You’ll know what i’m talking about if you’ve ever been.

We wound our way into Fort Worden, an old 19th century military fort. It’s a historic park with so many old neat buildings and barracks. An old lighthouse. And 2 miles of shoreline.

The Juniors and I had a 6+ hour journey home ahead of us and we’d already been on the road since before daybreak. But we took a little time out and wandered around the light house a bit before hitting the long road home.


Fort Worden Light House

The salt water. The air. The birds. The waves crashing into the rocks. The cliffs. The Puget Sound. The sounds.

We all need to have a place. A place that calls to your soul. A place that lies deep within your heart and that pulls you there, without reason, without judgement. It’s a place where you feel whole and rested and energized. Find that place your soul is pulled to, and go there. As much and as often as you can.


Baby Seal we saw as we were on the Port Townsend Ferry


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