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Two Kids Birthday Gift Idea that won’t break the bank

Everyone loves a good birthday!

Especially when you’re not the one planning, handing out the invites, hanging up the streamers, decorating the cake, and cleaning up the genocide afterwards.

Attending a party is a little more fun. Except when you have no-freaking-idea what to bring for a gift. I usually spend 45 minutes weaving up and down the isles trying to figure out how much money to spend. Do they like this? Do they like that? Will this get throw away in a week or buried under the rest of the super-awesome plastic toys? Maybe I should just buy them new socks, everyone needs new socks!

Stresses. Me. Out.

I’ve recently decided that i’m done with stress. Novel idea right? I’ve given it up, for-real. You laugh, but i’m serious. So serious that i’m not even going to stress about trying to convince you otherwise.

So with two birthday parties to attend in one weekend I decided I was going to get creative. When that happens my first stop is usually Pinterest. Real creative I know…i’m rolling my own eyes at myself. But I did find a few ideas and implemented them myself!

These are unisex gifts, no joke. How often can you find two great, eh-em CHEAP…did I mention cheap, gift ideas meant for both girls and boys. RIGHT HERE folks. Right. Here. 

Their parents might also thank you too for not bringing more battery operated junk toys into their home.

Cheap Kids Birthday Gift Idea #1

Build A Fort Kit


What you need:

  • King or Queen flat sheet (around $10-thrift store even cheaper)
  • Rope ($1-$2)
  • Clothespins ($1-2)
  • Glow stick (or lantern) (.50-$1)
  • Drawstring bag (free-$5  -some sheets come packaged in drawstring                                                                 bags. Laundry drawstring bags would also work well)

Then when we had everything together we just stenciled some labels onto scrapbook paper, cut them out, and tied them on with yarn. Then stuck everything in the bag. Ta-Da!


You can use what you have laying around the house or buy all new, either way it’s a pretty budget friendly gift, around $15-$20 buying all new. If you have some things laying around it could cost you as little as $0!

You could also find most things at a $1 Store if you have one in your area.

Cheap Kids Birthday Gift Idea #2

Little Gardeners Kit

Cheap Kids Birthday Gift Ideas

What you need:

  • Planter/Pot  ($1+)
  • Seed Packets  (.20-$1.50each)
  • Small gardener tools  ($1-$5)
  • Gardeners Gloves   ($1-5)
  • Potting Soil  (Free-dirt’s always free!)

This one is so versatile. You can add, subtract, or divide this kit up however you like!

Once we had the items we wanted to use we simply put some tissue paper in the Planters Pot and added the rest of the items. We topped it off by adding a ribbon around our pot.

Once again you can get most these items at the $1 Store especially around spring time. On the high end this could cost around $10. We had an extra pot hanging around, and some extra seeds. So all we needed to pick up was the hand shovel. Instant gift!



These gifts are not recommended for the kids whose parents you do not like. In those cases I would recommend moon sand or some loud battery operated toy. One that sings preferably.


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