Living simply in the wild

Wake Up Wednesday: LAUGH. Seriously, you’re too serious

A lot of people seem to walk around with a chip on their shoulder. Which i never really understood that analogy. A chip on their shoulder. Like a chip…a Dorito, a Cheeto, a BBQ lays with ruffles! I’d totally be ok with a Cool Ranch on my shoulder. Or a chip…like part of their shoulder is missing. Ok I get that one. But i really feel like people are walking around with boulders on their shoulders, hunched over with scrunched up faces. Or a porcupine quill in their shoulder. Eyebrows frowned, looking like their in pain, and snapping at the friendly smile in every isle at the grocery store.

Why? Why can’t we all just be in a better mood? Smile at your neighbor instead of shooting them the evil eye because their dog barks at 3am every morning.

Why can’t we just laugh at jokes! Instead of judging them…it’s a joke. LAUGH!

Horse Laugh

I don’t have any scientific proof but i’m pretty almost positive that each time you laugh you get 45 minutes added to your life. Then each time you don’t smile back at someone who smiled at you subtracts 2 hours from your life. So if I were you i’d start laughing…a lot.


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