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Tips to make moving simple: Simple Moving Checklist

Being this is the third move in a little over a year, and actually before that I personally averaged one move a year for the past 10 years. You’d think I’d have it down by down. And I may actually be starting to.

I figure I have two options here:

1) Wait till the last minute and pack everything the day before.

  • Pros: It makes the process seem a lot shorter, the move is fast and furious
  • Cons: It makes for a very long day

2) Start slowly packing a week before.

  • Pros: You get to slowly pack your things, taking your time, sorting through things.
  • Cons: Packing drags on and on and on. Don’t get me started on the “Hey where’s my…..” which leads to ripping open 6 boxes before you find that item you desperately need.

No matter what moving get’s stressful. With children, it’s even more so. More times then not I would go with Option 2.

Hopefully this Simple Moving Checklist will help ease the pain of moving, help you get as much packed up in the weeks before the move. Eliminate opening up boxes you’ve already packed, and and make it a little more manageable so when moving day comes you aren’t left in a mad dash to pack the night before.

Before you begin:

Purge as you go! Have two boxes around at all times labeled TOSS & DONATE.

If you don’t love it. Leave it.

If its still in a box since your last move: Do you really need it?

Anything you’ve not used in the past 6months. It’s safe to let go of.

Broken items. Seriously, don’t pack broken stuff. Toss is! Replace it if you need to later.

 Simple Moving Checklist

Day One: Pack up books and magazines. Yes, all of them. Everywhere. Comb through each room carefully making sure you didn’t miss any.

Day Two: Sort through and pack up any cupboards/closets that are storing items. You know the ones: boardgames, snow suites, old dishes, holiday decor. Listen to me on this one: go carefully through these storage items, and ask yourself “Would I buy this item today?”. If your answer is “No”…toss or donate that crap wonderful stuff someone else wants to enjoy!

Day Three: Garage & Shed Day. Dreadful i’m sure. But stick with it. Purge, purge, purge, and purge. Pack and organize things as you go. Pour yourself a big glass of wine at the end of this day.

Day Four: Take and pack everything that is hanging on the walls and on shelves in every single room. Picture frames, Vases, decor, nik naks…all of it.  Your house will start to look really empty which will motivate you to keep packing! Once again remembering to purge while you pack.

Day Five: Pack up toy room and/or guest room. If you have kids, have them pack one backpack each of toys they’d like to keep out.

Day Six: Pack an overnight bag with clothes and toiletries you’ll be needing until you get settled into your new home. Then pack up the bathroom. Don’t forget the rugs.

Day Seven: Pack all clothes and kitchen. Save one box for all your bedding to stuff it into in the morning.

Moving Day: Pack up electronics and fridge. Load the truck. It’s moving time!

Free printer friendly checklist, click HERE

simple moving checklist

Hopefully this eases the pains of moving a bit. I’ll tell you that i’m ahead of schedule already so we’re spending time enjoying the days we have left here and the rest of the moving should be a breeze as we’re almost done!


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