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The perfect mothers day isn’t Perfect

Mothers day, I should write something profound and wonderful about being a mother!

But frankly i’m not in the mood. Most days being a mother is hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re kids are 3 or 33, it’s tough.

“Hey mom….hey mom….hey mom”. It’s like words on a chalkboard to me right now.

“Hey mom!”….great, I get to see you jump over 3 legos this time instead of just the one you jumped over 3 seconds ago.

“Look at you honey, wow, three legos. You sure jump far”. And he beams with joy. And I am still clenching my teeth from the 600th “hey mom” today.

“Hey mom, we found bones from Park Cats kills. Come check it out!”. Yes please, that’s exactly what i want to sip my morning coffee seeing. And for the record, i’m changing my name today. I no longer answer to ‘hey mom’.

A glass of wine in my hand amongst adults for once. Enjoying dinner and conversations. Soon enough a little child has slithered his way onto my lap and it now tieing my hair together in front of my face like i grew an instant mustache. Not long after the other one sees he’s left out of this fun activity and nudges his way onto my lap. Now there’s two with their spaghetti sauced fingers in my hair. Two boys scrunched together in-between the table and myself. I can no longer move my glass of wine to my mouth without twisting into some form a human isn’t capable of. So i sit there. Now their hanging spegatti noodles off their faces, giving themselves mustaches. I’m punched in the nose a few times by elbows and maybe even a knee, i’m not sure. Monkey arms are wrapped around my neck. My hair is being pulled. There is sauce everywhere.

“Awwww, look at those boys loving on their momma. Soak it up honey, soak it up.”

How much more of this can i soak up, my hair is currently dipped into my wine?!

Nothing will send you into a mommy guilt tail spin faster then someone saying you should be soaking up this moment that is driving you insane. All i’m wanting to do is pry free of these kids, run to bathroom and drink my glass of wine in peace. But we all know that no bathroom is a safe haven. There’s always a “hey mom” on the other side of the door, or worse, staring at you while your trying to sit there in peace.

So here i am soaking it up. Outside on my porch thinking about how crazy my kids drive me. And how everyones kids probably drive them just as crazy. How I should be having this sense of joy and fulfillment right now. Thinking thoughts like “There’s no where else i’d rather be….i’m so blessed”. Which I am. But those thoughts aren’t always on the forefront of my brain.

So right now, in this less then pleasant mood that i am in i’m choosing to be grateful for smaller things.

  • Like the smell of the lilacs that have recently opened up.
  • I’m grateful that other people are in a good mood and i can hear their laughs and smell their campfires.
  • Greatfull i thought to bring a pillow to sit on the chair outside so it’s a bit more comfortable.
  • The bright moon in the blue sky.

I wish I could say that mothers day is going to be centered around every single mom and they get spoiled and they feel the appreciation their kids and spouses have for them.

But it’s mothers day. We’re going to wake up to dishes in the sink. Laundry on the floor. Kids fighting. Problems arising. Husbands working. Yet despite all that you will see plastered all over social media tomorrow pictures and quotes and “i’m so blessed”. It will be everywhere. Gratititudes.

Breakfast in bed, homemade cards, spa treatments, or a freshly cleaned house isn’t in the works for most of us. But we can choose to have gratitude despite all the less then ideal situations.

I try take my mothers day served in smaller dishes, through out the whole year. The self portrait of myself the 4yr old drew. The sharing of my favorite chocolate they got in their Easter basket. The out of the blue “i love you mom, you’re the best”. Them clearing my dishes after every single night, without being told. The “will you marry me?”. The slopping good morning kisses. The little day to day moments that you will look back on and they’ll fill your heart with joy, and pain at the same time.

Where ever you are, however you wake up, keep your gratitude’s close by today. And everyday at that. Life isn’t perfect. Kids aren’t perfect. Mothers aren’t perfect.





Mothers day isn’t perfect.

Except for this momma Robin…she laid the perfect colored eggs.


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