Living simply in the wild

We have arrived

Day 1: We threw the last of the odds and ends into the truck, said a few tearful goodbyes and left Chelan. Such a bittersweet moment and I would have relished in it a bit longer but i was towing a boat for the first time and I had no time for tears.

Ranger was bouncing along in the Uhaul towing our 2nd car. We would like to say that the trip went on without a hitch. But there were a few minor bumps, luckily non of them overly serious.
#1: It is pretty tricky to drive a car onto an auto transporter when it won’t start. Thanks to youtube we solved our problem.
#2: We had just made it out of the mountain pass, filled up with fuel and were back on the road.

-side note- we finally have the mountain passes down! There is literally zero areas to stop and pee when your driving some of the passes. A good 3-4 hours sometimes! We made it all the way through, barely, without having to pull over and soak a tire. It’s the little victories.

My phone rings, it’s Ranger, “Pull over!”. Of course I ask why and was simply told to “just pull over”. The strap we had the boat secured to the trailer had come off and was doing a nice little dance in the wind. Luckily Ranger didn’t trust me enough pulling the tin can that he stayed behind me the whole trip for just this reason. Catastrophe avoided.

About 7 hours from take off we finally pulled up to the park we will be living in. We all pile out excited to go explore the house, and a few of us doing a pretty urgent potty dance. All the doors were locked. We were locked out of our own house. After a dash to a restroom, a few fun rolls down the hills, and 45 minutes later…someone came with a key.

Another Ranger wife and her three kids came over to help unload. We were so very appreciative for not having to do it all alone. And surprisingly 2 women, 1 Ranger, and 5 kids under 12 can tear through a Uhaul like the best of them. Ok, so it did take over 2 hours. But come on, we had 5 kids “helping” and no real muscles to lift the heavy stuff.

It was also Juniors birthday. So I managed to whip up a home cooked meal and strawberry muffins while digging through boxes for the right utensils. We all fell into bed exhausted.

Just as I closed my eyes i heard a flutter come barreling into our bedroom through the open window. Ranger stood at the doorway, lips frozen in the shape of an UHOH. A bat was now fluttering like a mad man around our bedroom. Then the boys bedroom, then the downstairs. I pulled the covers over my head telling Ranger to tell me when it was ok to come out. Finally working up the courage to come out from under the covers we started blocking off rooms. We finally trapped the creature and made ridiculous motions and gestures with poster boards guiding him right out the front door.

Lights out. Good night. 

Day 2: Is this really only the 2nd day?
Woke up at 7. Fought with mr crabby pants about putting on socks for 20min. Rushed out the door in search of a clam gun. Found one the first place we stopped. Then off to go drive onto the beach.

Within 1 minute of being out on Long Beach we stuck the gun in the sand and pulled out a clam! We left there with 30 clams in our buckets and our backsides soaked.


Back at home I figured I should probably start unpacking since I hadn’t unpacked a single box yet. Literally all rooms were completely unusable. All day i was sorting, and running boxes upstairs and downstairs. Shoving dining room tables and couches to the right rooms. Hanging clothes into closets. Hunting down dishes and food boxes. Filling cupboards. Emptying box after box after box. etc etc etc.

Many hours later i’m sitting down for the first time today. To lazy to make any tea, but enjoying a sunset over the water tucked into my over sized chair I finally dug out underneath the ruble today.

This old house has many quirks and non-functioning kinks to be worked out. I’ll be washing dishes by hand from now on. Taking baths instead of showers for awhile. Chasing away mice instead of spiders. Finding screens for the windows so bats don’t mistake our home for their cave. And the list goes on.

But this old house is turning into a home. It’s quite charming and beautiful and if a 100+ year old house could talk…oh I can only imagine the things it saw and the stories it could tell.

So good night again. Tomorrow we go to town.


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