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 “Medieval-themed entertainment and games for your enjoyment”

If you’re looking to do a themed week in homeschooling, be sure to add these!

Medieval-themed entertainment and games for your enjoyment

The Middle Ages bring the best elements of fiction to the digital realm with stories full of fair damsels, knights, and the occasional dragons. It was a time when everything was mystical because so many things were as yet undiscovered. Hence, the role of human imagination played a bigger part during the era. Up to this day, the Medieval Period is a favorite historical phase among people who want to escape from present-day reality for a while, with numerous recreational activities themed after it.

Medieval Times, the famous dinner theater and sporting establishment, knows much about folks’ fascination with the period. For thirty years now, the place has provided entertainment through four-course feasts and tournaments inspired by the 11th century. Just as in olden times, guests are to show allegiance to a particular “house” and a corresponding knight that will represent the group in the tournament. Visitors are quirkily urged to dine without utensils and instead use their bare hands, in true medieval fashion.

The medieval theme has found its way into video games and online slots, as well. Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed are just two of the many popular video games that use a medieval backdrop. Leading gaming machines manufacturer and Castle Jackpot proprietor IGT has also created medieval-themed digital slots as part of its venture into the online world. Dungeons and Dragons – Treasures of Icewind Dale brings players to the mountains of the cold north as they seek out riches, whileLady Robin Hood involves going through the mysterious Sherwood Forest and hitting the winning marks.

Moreover, some familiar games of today have their origins in the middle ages. Billiards was a highly regarded game in the 14th century, although it was played a bit differently than it is today. Players competed on a level portion of the ground while striking wooden balls using mallets and hooked rods. Backgammon, one of the oldest games in the world, was also quite popular during medieval times. The game was played on a panel with 24 points, similar to present-day backgammon.


For several people, the Middle Ages signify magic, mystery, and romance, which is why it continues to be a favorite backdrop for many of today’s leisure activities.

Kids are sure to love and enjoy a week of medieval themed fun!

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