Living simply in the wild

A week in: Lessons learned thus far

Lessons Learned

1. Close your bedroom window by dusk. Or you will spend the rest of the night corralling and trapping bats.

2. The little tapping and footsteps at night my or may not be mice. Or ghosts. I am not brave enough to check.

3. Carry a jacket. Even if the sun is shining. The weather changes quick here.

4. Go explore during low tide. You seem some neat things.

5. Make sure you have a house key to the house you are moving into.

6. We’ve made many new friends.


7. 5 kids CAN get a lot of stuff moved into the house.

8. The view will never be served justice through photos

9. We can see the lighthouse at night from our bedroom window

10. Claw foot bathtubs are romanticized. They are not the most practical for showers.

11. You always take a risk buying someone else’s washer and dryer. At least i get exercise running down the stairs ten minutes into the cycle to turn the power off to the washer, then turn it on, and then start the cycle again.

12. Sound proofing was not a priority back in the early 1900s

13. It is green here. And lush. And colorful! But of course we already knew that.


14. People will stop and help you, especially if you have your head buried under the hood of your car.

15. We are relishing the fact we have such a variety of stores again within 15 minutes. A dollar store, home depot, Costco. Goodwill…and so much more.

16. Clamming is some of the easiest and fastest ‘fishing’ we have ever done.

17. I forgot how much time it takes out of the day washing dishes by hand, but I better get used to it.

18. If you don’t feel like pumping your own gas, take the 10 minute drive to Oregon. It’s cheaper, they pump it for you, and there is no sales tax.

19. It is windy here!


20. It is rainy here! Locals tend to measure how much it is raining by the times a week they mow the grass.

21. Number 19 is not a lie, but there are honestly Gorgeous days here. A Lot of them. I just have to say it is really rainy here, because we want you to think that. And it is true.

22. The humidity doesn’t do much for any good hair days.

It is always fun to learn the little kinks of a new house, a new area, a new town. I know the coming weeks will present many learning opportunities for us, but we have already learned quite a bit being here in the first week.


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