Living simply in the wild

What is marriage: after Half a decade

It’s about picking one person and making it work.


It has been five years.

Five very long years.

Five incredibly short years.

Five years of compromising.

Five years of forgiving and saying i’m sorry.

Five years of learning.

Five years of changing.

Five years of getting to know each other.

Five years of ups.

Five years of downs.

Five years of fun times.

Five years of sad times.

Five years of trials.

Five years of celebrations.

Five years of disagreements.

Five years of making up.

Five years of being complete.

Five years of loving.

Five years of marriage and many more to go.

Marriage isn’t anything I thought it’d be. It’s not a fairy tale. It’s not a job. It’s not something you fall into or fall out of. It’s not about soul mates or diamonds or the color of the center pieces. I know right about now you’re expecting me to explain to you what is marriage. But I’m not going to. I can’t. For it is a journey and each journey is different. It is yours to stumble through, to get lost in, to find your way around. And each step, each turn and curve and bump along the way should be navigated together.

Happy 5th Anniversary to Ranger & his Wife



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