Living simply in the wild

Less Wishing. More Doing. Create the life you want.

I spend a lot of time scrubbing dirty dishes in a sink so I have been trying to use that time as a meditation moment. I’m not doing so well with it because my mind is usually acting like a drunken monkey on red bull. I should be attempting to clear my mind but instead thoughts rush through like a raging river.

Todays thought, “Less wishing. More Doing”


Create the life you want. No one is going to do it for you, it isn’t just going to fall in your lap or smack you across the face. You have to create it and do the things it takes to create it.

Less Wishing.

My wishes are simple….I wish I felt a sense of community. I wish I was connected to other people. I wish I had something I felt I was great at and excelled at. I wish I could find something that I could put my energy into and stick with.

Back in Lake Chelan, I tried. At least I thought I tried. I’ll admit though I became very discouraged and I stopped trying. I stepped back and figured that what’s meant to be will be. And I became removed, from it all. I was just sitting back and waiting for something to come smack me in the face. Softly I hoped.

More Doing.

When we moved to Cape D I had the same wishes. I wished to find activities for the boys. I wished to be able to dig into the community. It helps that we are closer to a bigger town but that has little to do with anything. The main difference was that I got out there. I went places, introduced myself, mingled with the locals, walked though small shops and felt the communities out. We showed up when we were invited places, be it clam digging or a strangers birthday party. We went. Embarressed and shy and apprehensive, we went.

When I saw that a local shop was looking for summer help, I spent the time and updated my resume. I showed up at the store again and again. I talked with the owner and met her family and realized this is where I belong.

We’ve gone out to markets and saw the locals crafts, we talked to the locals fishing beside us. Some welcome newcomers with open arms and great conversation while others slightly glare and wait immatiently for us to move out of their fishing hole.

We made some yummy treats and welcomed two new National Park Interns who are now living behind us. I’ve offered use of our washer and dryer in exchange for them cooking dinner and enjoying a meal together. They’ve played frisbee with the Juniors and have been imparting their knowledge of the area in little bite size tid-bits for the boys to digest.

Through all of this I feel I am on the way to making my wishes come true.

We met a great family and found a kids class for the Juniors to take. All because we showed up to birthday party where we knew no one.

I am now working at a store that I believe in and I believe will do great things all because I burst out of my shell and struck up a conversation with the gal behind the counter.

You don’t have to risk it all and take big chances for wishes to come true. You only have to do one thing. Show up! Get out there and DO the things that will bring you one step closer.

You wish you would get a promotion: go introduce yourself to the boss man.

You wish you were in better shape: go walk around the block after dinner.

You wish you ate healthy: eat healthy just one day a week.

You wish you were better at taking photographs: Goto the library and read a book about it.

You wish you had a job you loved: find out what you love.

You wish you had friends: strike up a conversation with the next stranger you see.

This is called More Doing. It is YOU showing up. It is up to you to create the life you want.

Now Sometimes things are stacked against you and things won’t always fall into place. That’s ok. It’s not your time yet, it’s not the right place yet. Don’t let that get you discouraged. Sometimes it is our attitude and pride that is standing in the way. Sometimes it’s from fear. Sometimes it is because we still have dirt swept under the rug.But no matter what…. Keep doing. Keep showing up.


Create the life you want.


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