Living simply in the wild

Ancient Art of Flint Knapping

We let our children play with knives.


There I said it. You may have had your suspicions up until now, but now you know. And by play I mean use responsibly. So please don’t call CPS on us just yet.

They each have their own pocket knife that they are allowed to use should they feel the need to whittle a stick, carve some bark, cut some grass, or whatever else a knife should be used for. They are being taught strict knife safety rules and if they abuse those rules or if they are irresponsible while using one then they will lose the privilege of being able to use use knives. So far they have been incredible responsible and cautious.

So letting them break and cut a stone that could easily cut through skin, well of course as a mom I was a bit nervous but knew they were going to be cautious and responsible. Plus the fashionable gloves and goggles they are sporting added to the safety measure required for the activity.

Our goal is to foster their interests. Everywhere you look there is history to be seen. It’s in the buildings, in the trees, in the formations on land, the rocks, it’s everywhere. They are becoming quite interested in the history of the things we encounter.

So what better way to show them history then by doing a little history ourselves. We took the Juniors to go see and try out on of the earliest forms of tool making.

Fint Knapping


The Interpretive Ranger that held this class is a wealth of knowledge. He actually makes and hunts with his own handmade tools.


He showed the boys how to hit the Obsidian with another rock to break off a razor sharp piece. Then how to sand the edges to create the shape i.e. arrowheads. The boys were amazed that they were able to make something and then slice through a piece of leather like butter.


They were able to see and touch ancient arrowheads carved out of a variety of different types of materials, different shapes and sizes.


But slamming another rock into another and it breaking off a piece that was incredibly sharp was the highlight of their day. If I didn’t know any better they were pretty close to strapping on a loin cloth, grabbing a bow and heading off to prove their man hood by taking down a bear with their one arrow they just made.






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