Living simply in the wild

A lesson in the Laws of Attraction

I have never been more of a believer in the words, “We attract what we put out” then I am at this point in my life. Of course there is negativity everywhere in the world and you are bound to stumble upon it every so often, but if you find yourself amongst a world of negative people it might just be time to look inside.

Since moving to the Peninsula, which is what all the locals call this area…i’m just going to pretend i’m one of them for now and stick with the local lingo, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. I let fear take a hold of my life for a few weeks and it drove a spike down deep. I was afraid to tell people where we lived, what my husband does for a living, I wanted to shut the blog down and never put another piece of our life on the internet again. It felt as if we had moved into a bad movie where corruption ruled all.

During this time I pulled from every avenue I could, asking for help, opinions, insight. Someone had to have the answers! It was at that moment I realized how many amazing people are in my life that I can reach out to. The support, the love, the empathy, the advice, the shoulders, the ears, the willingness to listen. I thoroughly enjoyed reaching out to each and every person and being able to lean on someone else and not feel bad about it.

All the cosmic dust has since settled from that little storm and it has given me some new perspectives.

1) Drama is everywhere

Just don’t feed it.

2) You attract what you put out.

I have been actively working on bettering myself. As a wife, as a mother, as a person. I strive to hand out grace, patience and kindness where ever I go. Saying hello, making eye contact with strangers, helping an elderly lady with her groceries. I am trying to be more aware of the things I am putting out into this world. In return I have been blessed with meeting some truly amazing individuals. The kindness that seeps from their pours is truly heart warming and makes me want to try that much harder.

3) Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.

Remembering back a few years ago to friends I had, the people I surrounded myself with. I remember feeling so weighed down. The gossip, lies, and negativity that I fed off of and fed into ultimately I had ended up poisoning myself. It took a few years of purging, many many mistakes and do-overs but I feel I have finally reached a spot in my life where I am deserving of the wonderful people i’m surrounded by. I never knew the impact of surrounding yourself with people who lift you up would be so powerful. When you surround yourself with good you want nothing more then to be good yourself.

Of course I still get grumpy, I loose my patience, I snap at my children and my husband, I have a bad attitude, I complain…of course those things still happen more then I’d like. But it’s these small moments when you have this euphoric sense of gratitude that completely consumes you and you feel it in every cell of your body, that is truly amazing. Even though those thoughts are still fleeting it gives you something to hold onto and want more of. It’s a strong enough pull that you are determined enough to make the changes in your life to be able to be filled with that much gratitude again and again.

Now to recap: really the whole point i’m trying to get across…

1) You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are

2) You are the people you surround yourself with.



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