Living simply in the wild

We are Failing

Miserably failing.

The type of failing where you don’t even have to ask what he’s thinking because all thoughts are consumed by this one failure.

The type of failing where you wake up at 4am, after you’ve only gotten home from work at midnight the night before, so you can go try to conquer this battle.

The type of failing where you spend every single one of your days off traveling a few hours away just to see if maybe you’ll have better luck somewhere else.

The type of failing that prompts you to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone you meet that might have the slightest knowledge on the subject matter and could possibly tell you what you’re doing wrong.

The type of failing where you spend countless hours looking up how to videos on youtube and even prompted a trip to the library to checkout more how to books.

It is the type of failing that consumes you.

We all have different things we’ve failed at. I have honestly failed at most things i’ve done at least once, i’m totally not complaining. Just think of all the new things those failures have encouraged me to try!

Truth is, i’m not really failing at this current failure. Mainly because i’m not even trying. This is absolutely all Rangers.

Since i’ve known Ranger he’s always been good at anything he sets his mind to. The sad truth is that he is miserably failing at; Fishing. Yes, fishing. The sport where you fling a thin string that is tied to a pole into the water and hope that some poor fish will like what you have on the end of it for its dinner.

photo (5)

It has been almost a month since he has caught anything we’re able to put on the table.

Sure, he could go out into the stock piled tiny lake and catch trout after trout. But honestly, I have trout falling out of the freezer every time I open it. He’s got the trout fishing down.

So what is he trying to catch?

Crab. He spent a solid 2 weeks out there crabbing his heart out. Barefoot, board shorts, 60 degree weather and waves crashing upto his chest. Here in Washington you can not keep the female crabs, and would you believe it…that is all he caught. Chick magnet, I’m not surprised one bit. To add more salt to the wound, quite literally…this is the ocean, the one male that he did catch actually caught onto him quite fiercely. Poor Ranger should have gone in for a stitch or 3. Ultimately our Mr. Crab got away.

Surf Perch. Ranger has actually been catching a lot of these. Except the babies tend to like him. 2-3 inch fish just aren’t worth keeping.

Salmon. I will have to take some of the blame on why he isn’t catching any fish. Salmon are currently heading up river to spawn and almost all fishermen are catching their daily limits in record time right now. But they are all out there fishing in the middle of the Columbia River. If you have ever seen what a river is like at the mouth of an ocean in an area with very unpredictable weather you’ll understand why i’m not letting Ranger take our little boat out there. For the record i have never ever seen any boat less then 16 feet with less then a 15 horse power engine. Ours is below BOTH of those.


But still, Ranger is out fishing somewhere most mornings before he goes to work. He’s out there on his days off of work. He’s researching and studying every time in between. The man is dedicated and determined.

I am hoping that the Juniors will store these memories down deep somewhere. To see their dad fail time after time, to see the frustration and discouragement. Then day after day to see their dad go out there and try again and again and again. Never giving up no matter how much he is defeated. I look forward to the look on each one of their faces the day Ranger reels in a King Salmon, or a nice plump Dungeness Crab, or a Perch as long as their arm. It will all be worth it.

And really…teaching our boys (and myself) such an invaluable lesson can hardly be called failing at all. Ranger will forever be a winner in my eyes. Cue the “awwwww’s”.

IMGP0064And if you have any fishing tips…send them our way! We STILL haven’t caught anything. 




2 responses

  1. Mom

    AWwwwwwwwwwwww! So very true Amber what valuable lessons he teaches us all! A fishing buddy is soon to join in this challenge! 🙂

    August 4, 2014 at 4:44 pm

  2. I’m unsure why this is so hilarious, however I chuckled a long period of time, will certainly be examining % TARGETDOMAIN % once more.

    August 8, 2014 at 2:53 pm

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