Living simply in the wild

Mr. Crabby Pants

As many of you know, we have failed at fishing. Ranger may or may not be slightly crabby about the whole ordeal. After all, we are living in a place surrounded by some of the best seafood you may ever get your hands on, and we can barely even catch a fish.

But I am proud to announce we finally caught thee Mr. Elusive Crab. Kind of.

Ranger spent all of monday designing and crafting a complete homemade crab trap that he could cast out into the surf (in ocean lingo; Surf is where…well people surf at. No brainer, but thought i’d clarify).

The man even knit is own fishing net for the trap. WITH a netting needle he crafted himself out of a paint stick. Seriously, could he be anymore crafty?


So the next morning we got out to the ocean at low tide. The weather was dreary and misty but we could smell it. Literally the whole beach smelled like crab.  We were going to be catching crabs that day!

Ranger proudly struts off towards the waves in is onsie. Ok, their actually called waders…but seriously, it’s a onsie.

He flings his pole back and shoots it forward. Boy did that crab trap fly far…way further then his line was able to go. SNAP. The line had broke and the trap flew off into the waves, never to be seen by us again. Poor Ranger and all his hard work. No catching crabs with that sweet contraption.


I’m not counting, but this is the 4th crab trap contraption that has been lost at sea. We could of had a nice crab dinner with the money thats been lost to the waves by now. Anyhow. Ranger always seems to have a backup plan and was able to cast out another contraption and reel in 3 crabs. It was no surprise they were all female crabs. I had to step in and shoe those babes away. He’s a married man.

Meanwhile, the ever so attentive Jr Ranger was watching and yelled to his dad telling him he saw something in the sand where the waves where crashing. Ranger went to check it out inbetween the waves and sure enough…he pulled out a big fat MALE crab!


So technically Ranger has still yet to catch anything. But we did get to enjoy a nice crab for lunch that day.

I will also mention that we are now the proud owners of an official crab pot and Ranger has plans to put his boat in the River and do some real crabbing here soon. We’re just waiting for the perfect day. We now live our lives at the mercy of the tides. Stay tuned, unless our tiny boat capsizes and we too get lost at sea. Not a funny joke I know, but I’m terrified of the thought and laughing about it makes me look like i’m that really calm cool chick who is up for anything.




One response

  1. Mom

    Oh what a great fishing story!!!! Lol! Loved it! Can’t wait to be there and join in on all the fun! 🙂

    August 20, 2014 at 4:37 pm

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