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Raw Amber

Those of you that know me on a first name basis, no I am not talking about myself here.

I’m talking about these beauties!


I put an Amber necklace on each of the Juniors when they started teething. I honestly never took them off of them and eventually they broke when they each were about 4 years old. Anything that can last through 4 years of toddler-hood is a WIN with me.

The beautiful fossilized tree resin beads warm up against the skin’s warmth and draws the healing oils (succinic acid) out of the amber and the skin absorbs them.

  • Relief of Discomfort 
    • Teething, orthodontic brace adjustments, TMJ, growing pains, allergies, sensory disorders associated with autism, headaches and migraines, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder discomfort, tendonitis, menstrual cramping, restless leg syndrome, back and knee discomfort, joint pain from chemotherapy, and many more
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system
  • Restoring Energy
  • Maintaing Wellness
  • Help Break the cycle of chronic inflammation

There aren’t many products out there that i rant and rave about, but these ARE! I’ve been wearing my own for months now and love it. Not only for it’s medicinal properties but also it’s gorgeous and Is a little accessory that goes with everything. An added bonus for me is that people who know what it is they never forget my name as long as I have the necklace on…and I never take it off.

Whether your wanting a little relief for your teething baby (and babies look incredibly cute with these necklaces) or adding to your overall wellness in your life these are such a neat way to go.


Special Offer:

Order yours from and receive FREE SHIPPING! Just send me a message at and I will send you instructions on how to get free shipping on your Baltic Amber (or gemstone) Necklace or Bracelet. You can’t beat that!




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