Living simply in the wild

A Childs Joy- let them play


Let the Children Play.

Kids are not bread to be be in a box.

Let them play.

Children are made to run and hide. Sing and dance. Yell and fight.

Keeping them in the lock box of your sight doesn’t keep them safe.


Children are meant to get dirty.

Rolling in the dirt, stomping in the mud, dashing through the brush.

Leaves in their hair, snow in their eyelashes, dirt between their toes.


Children are meant to run.

Backsides planted in chairs for hours a day dims the spirit.

Feeling the wind rush past them as they dart here and there.


Children are meant to imagine.

To live in make-believe worlds.

Ones adorned with magic portals and abilities to fly.



Where trees turn to towers and puddles turn to oceans inside their wonderful minds.

Places where they forgo their given names and take on pseudo names such as Superman, Huckelberry, Wild, and Brian.


Children are meant to learn.

Playing does not stunt learning, it supports it.

For it is in play that they learn the most.

They learn negotiating, problem solving, empathy, and creativity.

They learn that life is fun and that they have the ability to be who they want to be.


Children are meant to be bored.

Out of boredom comes ideas and plans.

Mischief is sure to follow.

Finding their way to and from from predicaments they wind up in is just another way to learn.


Children are meant to Play.

Their souls long for it. Their bodies where made for it. Their hearts seek it.

Let the children play.



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