Living simply in the wild

That time when you find: Home.

IMGP1180The charm oozes out of the pacific northwest more then any other place I’ve ever been to. The seasons change by the hour, islands pop up out of the waters and are yours for the discovering. The rains sing sweet songs whenever you’re listening. Sasquatch peers behind the trees. The colors are plucked directly from the rainbow.


One room cabins built from the wood harvested off of the properties they sit upon. Hand cut, carved and placed with effort and love. Decades later they are the escape of the city dwellers and peace seekers. Places to have solidarity, to burn logs in the wood burning stoves that were placed years before. A place to sip hot coffee that’s been ground from beans while sitting on the front porch while being sheltered from the constant drizzle.


That is currently where I sit. Under a small, hand built roof, sheltered from the drizzle with a cup of coffee whose steam rises into the air.  A few rain drops of course finding their way under and landing themselves upon my boots. This is what its all about. This is the Pacific Northwest to me. Trees and ferns so thick you can see but a few yards into the forest. Having to cross over onto an island to get to where your cabin sits.  Grey skys, melodies of rain drops hitting the roofs, leafs, and trees. Spiderwebs knitted across the leafs catching the rain drops as they fall.


The Juniors of course are up in the tree house in some magical world. Coming to tell me of their great adventures every few minutes. Truthfully I think the only reason they come over is to pluck a handful of blue huckleberries off the bush beside me.  I don’t blame them, they are perfectly ripe.


Somewhere beyond the thick trees, the green ferns, the grey skys and the clouds I know mount Rainer is standing boldly on the horizon. We caught of glimpse of him yesterday. There is something about the magnitude of him that will take your breath away each and every time. Pictures do no justice to this magnificent beast.


The Puget sound lends its waters to everyone. Whether its fishing, crabbing, digging for clams or oysters, finding starfish, and sand dollars. Walking its shores, boating its waters.  The Puget is a place that can calm the roughest of moods and lift the darkest of spirits.


Many people curse the grey days, they wish them away. Here in the northwest we revel in them. We pull on our rubber boots, we sip coffee outdoors in our hoodies. And to be quite honest…we never carry an umbrella.  We feel the rain on our face, we let it sprinkle our glasses, and drip off our hair. Without these days this place wouldn’t be so alive. Without the rain or the grey the ferns wouldn’t be so vibrantly green and the blue days so incredibly sacred.


The coast is incredible and alive, but the Puget sound is home.




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