Living simply in the wild

How to have lunch with yourself

Going out to lunch with yourself. No big deal. I do it all the time. Not me personally, but i’m speaking for the masses, because I totally have the right to do so. Not really, but bare with me.

Grabbing a bite to eat at the local cafe on a lunch break, picking up some to-go food, hanging out at the coffee shop having a scone while scrolling through facebook trying to act important.

Except, i’m not talking about that kind of eating. I’m talking about sitting down at table with a server, ordering from the menu, no book, no pen and paper, no laptop, and yes…leave the phone in the car.

1: We should realize why it might be important to do this.  Why? Why would we do such a thing. Talk about boring right? But it’s important to just take a moment to ourselves,

2: We must work up the courage to do so. Honestly, it’s akward, and strange, and feels totally abnormal. But be brave.

3: Pick a time where we have time. And lots of it. Sure, it could be during our lunch hour. We can drag our feet and walk slowly to waste as much time as we can so that we will be forced to spend the least amount of time possible sitting awkwardly in the restaurant. But really try to pick a time when there’s a few hours to kill. This will force us to really slow down.

4: Once we’re sitting find something to read, anything. Pretend like the menu is the most important document there ever had been written. Read it. Then read it again. I’ll probably have to read it a third time because i’ve just been pretending to read to make myself seem like i’m acting normal. After then menu casually glance at the table top cards, hopefully there will be something there that will be of some interest.

Once there is nothing more that could possibly be read try to stare out a window. If there is no window, we’re screwed. Start reading again.

Once the food comes out things get a little easier. There is now something to put our energy in. But eat slow. Scarfing down the meal in a hurry just to get out of there defeats the purpose.

Take a bite. Then put down the fork. Look around a little bit.

Start noticing the people around you.

Take another bite. Chew. Taste. Put the fork down and don’t touch it.

Take a deep breath in. Open your eyes. Notice the sounds. Hell we can even Eavesdrop on a conversation on the next table over. As long as we are hearing and seeing the world around us.

Take your time eating. Think. Don’t think.

There might be an awkward feeling, almost an emptiness. Where’s my phone? What are people doing right now? Maybe i’m missing something on Facebook and twitter. I’ll just check it really quick.

But the phones in the car, remember…it HAS to be left in the car otherwise it is too much of a temptation.

Truly the longer we sit there, withourselves, by ourselves, the easier it gets. You become more comfortable, you’ll sink into the chair that your sitting in and you’ll be able to relax. Slowly you’ll be able to breath deaper and let go of the world. You may actually find it enjoyable and want to do it again. Either way be proud that you made time for yourself!



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