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On the move, again

This will be our 5th’ish move in the past 2 years. We weren’t planning on moving so soon again but sometimes things just happen and you must go with it.

Living in an old military historic house has been such a neat experience. We’ve had a great time this summer soaking up our amazing view of the river and ocean. Hearing the wind roar down the water each night is incredibly calming and we’ve seen colors we didn’t know existed in each sunset.

But to be quite honest, it is less then ideal. And truthfully the new house we are moving isn’t perfect either, but a little more so then where we live now.

If i’m being honest, I wasn’t super excited about moving to the Fort to begin with. There may even have been tears over it, But it was our only option and I found some neat perks of living in the fort and have really enjoyed it.

With tht said, We are ready to have our own space again. A yard, a fence, a place to dig in the earth and plant a garden (which i’ll inevitably kill, minor detail). We are ready to be back to a smaller more cozy place. This 4 story home is beautiful, but we’ve always felt like visitor to it. We are ready to have a single dwelling home instead of sharing walls with a Boss Man of the park, who is a really great guy might I add. I’m ready to let the boys out of the house without feeling i need to keep a constant eye on them. I’m ready to not be on ‘display’ any more. And ready for a proper shower.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ll most definitely miss the people walking up and down the streets admiring my new Home Depot curtains while they tell their relatives “See, those curtains? They are 100 years old.”. Or the darling little boys who march across our front porch shaking the entire house as they pretend to be a soldiers marching down the line. Never mind the ‘Private Residence’ signs. I’ll miss the people peering through the windows trying to get a glimpse of the inside of the houses, and the ones who try to open the front door just in case i’ve left it unlocked. I may even miss waving to the cars driving by while i drink my morning coffee on the front porch, hair not even brushed yet.


We aren’t moving far. Just another town over. Twice the population we have where we are now, but still under the 1,000 mark. Ranger is staying at the same Park and everything else stays the same.

Sadly where we are moving is actually in the center of the town and not set off in some rural area which we so desire, but we are excited and anxious to settle into another house and make it a home.

The weather has shifted and the rains have started…i’m hoping this means you will hear more from me in the coming months. I apologize for being quiet lately. We’ve just been living 🙂

Loves and Hugs!


One response

  1. Amber S

    Thinking of all of you always!

    October 26, 2014 at 6:31 am

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