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“Fireworks”: 25 mile creek fire

This post is less about fireworks and more about the actual ‘fireworks’ from the 25 mile creek fire 2013

Hope you all are having a great weekend! It’s sunny and 90 here with a full park.

For those of you following us on facebook you’ve seen that there was a brush fire right across the lake from 25 Mile Creek, the other park Ranger patrols. It is on the opposite side of the lake where we live and that side of the lake where it is burning has very few homes. So not to say it is a good thing, but better to be burning where it’s burning then other places. The last report we’ve received is that over 1500 acres have burned and the fire it 10% contained. They have a crew of 300+ fire fighters working the fire along with multiple helicopters to contain it and try to keep it from reaching the small town of Manson.

We drove to 25 Mile Creek campground last night to take a look and there are still spots of live fire but mostly it’s all charred brush. It looks as if the fire crested the hills and is now burning mostly beyond the hills we can see.

We first saw the smoke while we were stranded out on the lake in a small catamaran and by the time we reached shore the smoke was engulfing the whole north shore. It’s been a dramatic and amazing sight to see. We are very thankful that it was on the north shore and that no structures have been claimed in this fire so far.

Here are a few pictures we took.

25 mile creek fire

First saw the smoke while we were on the water, it just kept growing and growing

25 mile creek fire

Taken from the Docks at Lake Chelan State Park 7/4

25 mile creek fire

Smoke filled North Shore


25 mile creek fire

Sitting on the beach watching the ‘live fireworks’ while waiting for the 4th of July fireworks to start

25 mile creek fire

Smoke Filled Sky 7/5

25 mile creek fire

Still green areas going up-lake, charred earth heading down lake. Flames still spotty in areas 7/5




These brush fires can be so unpredictable with high winds coming off the mountains and the dry conditions. Please use caution when camping and follow all campfire rules. You would not want to be the one responsible for this.

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