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Transparent Tuesdays

So I know most of you won’t read this until wednesday, but because of the time change, daylight savings, the stars and the moon, and the fact that I just became aware of this Transparent Tuesday deal; I’m writing and posting tonight anyways. So just pretend it’s yesterday if you’re reading today. Confused? Me too. Let’s get to the point…

Social Media…the beloved, horrible, can’t live with or without it. It’s almost not an option any more. But how well you use it is. Us bloggers may be the worst at posting the awesome amazing wonderful parts of our lives. We crop out the less than ideal parts of the photos. We kick the dirty underwear out of the frame before we snap the photo. We lean a little bit to the right to get the sunlight to hit the right spot. We post pictures of our accomplishments and brags.

Know that it is real life…all of it. It is just not ALL of the real.

Of course I have the Real Reel here that I post on, with more of the raw details and struggles we go through. Social media is different though. It is such an amplifier of our highlights in our life. What I have an issue with is that then in turn we compare our behind the scene life to all these other Highlight Reels and it makes us feel so bad about ourselves and discouraged.

Rachel went and got a manicure, for half price, a free frozen yogurt. AND her boyfriend proposed.  Talk about winning!

Bobby just beat the world record for most kills in Call of Duty while changing the oil in his car.

Gloria is at the gym again. Working on her 6 pack and perfectly sculpted toosh. While I sit here eating another block of peanut butter fudge. Might as well eat that last brownie while i’m at it.

Sara organized the closets, waxed the kitchen floors, vacuumed the cars, and even cleaned under the couch cushions. All while her 5 children sang songs and spoke quietly and lovingly to each other ALL DAY LONG. Under the couch cushions is considered no-mans-land in our house. What goes in, never comes out. Ever.

Don’t forget the Fosters. They have their toes in the sand and drinks in their hand on their epic beach vacation, hanging out in their private, over-water bungalow, with a glass floor, unlimited sunshine, and golden tans. I’ll just sit here under this lamp, on my couch, while it rains.

Truth is, that’s all life! And it’s all wonderful! I love seeing peoples cheers and accomplishments. It’s just a little stake in the heart when you know Sara has this freshly cleaned out car and you have to quickly stuff the jackets, boots, and dirty dishes back into the car that fell out when you opened the door.

Don’t compare your Behind-The-Scene to everyone else’s Highlight Reel.

So, as long as I remember (being honest here, i’m a forgetful one). I’m going to help balance out this lopsided angle that social media plays on our life. It might be on facebook, or Instagram, or I’ll throw a quick blog post up. But we have many imperfections, and it’s ok to highlight them. I know i’m not alone in the messy kitchen, over piled laundry, holes in my socks. Yes, my big toe is starting to peek out of my sock currently. I have a pile of used tissue right next me because I’ve finally caught the winter cold thats been going around. AND my kitchen is a mess because I don’t feel like cleaning in for the 3rd time today.

Transparent Tuesdays

Transparent Tuesdays

My hope is for others out there who feel discouraged, who feel like they are failing and not meeting the standard of life. I want you to feel that you ARE doing enough. That no ones life is picture perfect like social medias try to portray. To know that just outside the frame of that 100% organic, homemade, made from scratch everything is a sink full of dirty dishes, a counter that needs scrubbed, and probably a child or two screeching in the background. You aren’t alone in your everyday to day struggles.

If you feel like jumping in feel free to! Post them to our facebook page or tag #TransparentTuesdays on instagram…if you’re brave enough 🙂

And no, I am not the creator of this hashtag. Another wonderful mommy blogger over at  came up with this. She’s doing amazing things over there, I’d go peruse her site if you have time. Or you could head back to facebook and stare at more Highlights. The choice is yours of course 😉